Romasco-Kelly Family

Cranberry Sauce with Sour Cherries and Rum

From Pasta and Company - we've made this several times for Thanksgiving and it's always great.  This is best made the night before and refrigerated overnight to allow it to thicken.

  1. In a large saucepan, combine cranberries, sour cherries, sugar, jelly and water.

  2. Over low heat, bring to a low simmer and cook, stirring occasionally, until cranberries begin to pop (about five minutes).  The cooked cranberries should be tender, but not mushy.  You may cook the sauce longer to get the sauce to your taste, from rather firm whole berries to softer ones that give off more pectin and make a thicker sauce.

  3. Remove sauce from heat.  Add 1/4 cup rum and stir.

  4. Refrigerate overnight (or as long as you have - I usually end up making this on Thanksgiving morning when I don't have time to refrigerate it overnight and it turns out fine, but it should be refrigerated at least a couple of hours to let the sauce thicken).

  5. Return to room temperature to serve.